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Welcome to my web on various topics that I hope you find useful, stimulating and informative.

Yes I am a musician but also tech proven from early 1950s valve, transistor, to todays micro circuitry AND that includes building my own computer desktop systems for design work plus music recording et

For those of you with kids who are looking to start them off in learning about music re keyboards, systems and I cover a page on understanding BEFORE you buy one ! Synthesizer keyboards et

Beware the folly of buying secondhand as it can cost you mega bucks that are wasted! Tech is changing so rapidly and sometimes thanks to those such as Microsoft or Apple, software can end up obsolete and that means what worked with it won’t work with the new Windows or latest Apple OP system.


Not forgetting all those leads, connectors and a whole lot more that also and Apple is one of the worst for this, change from machine to machine or laptop et What you paid mega bucks for now won’t fit the strange new socket or device, worse still the new plugs / connectors will cost you another roll of bills with no guarantee that a year later they will be obsolete on another piece of connecting equipment.

I do NOT get any special favors, payment for the equipment I show, the links to retail and other sites of interest that might have you reaching for your wallets et! So, if I recommend a product it is from mine or others that I know who are like minded re not getting paid for such, AND honest, reliable with knowledge, use of such advising me accordingly of how they found the product?

Apart from this web DO take time to check out others who are close friends re ONLINE fiction.

I suspect that some of you will be like a massive amount of fans that they enjoy in liking the ONLINE read only titles, they’re provided as a charity donation incentive, find out more by clicking the links!

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