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Tried and tested RECOMMENDED GRAPHICS (Computer desktop)R7250Asus

Asus Radeon R7 250 - 2Gb GDDR5 DP / HDMI3 / DVI Win10  (USA)
I’ve had this in my build for over a year now and can honestly say it has been trouble free. Works well even when connected up to my 55inch tv with full screen display HD . Streaming from YouTube / NowTV / NetFlix / Viki et

Other progs include various music progs such as Ableton and Native instruments plus Maschine Mk3 / Midi via card and keyboard et

System runs with an i5 6400 CPU at 3.5Ghz - DDR4 8Gb Corsair ram Z170 chipset 1Tb hard drive (backup 500Gb) Win7 Pro

Not sure as I got this originally from the USA that you can get it in the UK ? The UK version appears to be GDDR3 not as per mine = 2Gb / GDDR5 Also not sure if the UK version has a DP (Display port)

Currently I’m putting together a build for a friend of mine who wants a computer for general home use nothing too demanding AND that brings me to some interesting pointers re building your own system

(I well recommend this guy if you are interested in building your own computer system / have queries re operating systems and more,, https://youtu.be/IJH2gUiRdJ0   Thankyou Carey Holzman )

I’ve always built comp systems based on simple facts.
1. Determine the budget HOW MUCH do you want to spend ? comes ONLY after weighing up what you are going to use the computer for, IF you are likely to add other programmes et and what the demands on such a system will be power wise, CPU and memory plus not forgetting storage AND operating system?

2. Carey makes a very good point in some of his computer builds = You can put together a NEW build at a price OR for the same price purchase a SECOND HAND system from (recommended) a friend or similar that you know is not likely to rip you off? That way for example you can buy a system that originally would have cost hundreds more for substantially less AND is a reliable more than adequate system for your needs?

My nephew recently acquired an old XP computer AMD 64 CPU with 1Gb memory et IDE based system NOT sata BUT it was the CASE he was after ? Not I should add working? HOWEVER I sat down with him and I proved a point that remains a very valid one. dust1

The key point to any computer that apparently is not working or ‘dead’ is NEVER to simply put power to it and ?! BEFORE taking the covers off and !

Taking the cover off, it looked like a dust storm had hit the internals of the computer!
Having my own Comp cleaning kit to hand I took anti static precautions and then proceed to to strip out the power unit, the memory and cards et before giving the various components a thorough clean.

The vac unit came in very useful in clearing the mounds of fluff particularly INSIDE the power unit. Cleaning the fan blades et re ALL of the fans including the power unit and finally putting everything back together.

Plugging in the power cord and turning the power unit on, yes don’t forget to do that believe me I made that mistake only once! Is it going to work or? Oh yes! It fired up and albeit with just 1Gb of memory (2 x 512Mb ) post screen and then the hard drive to boot XP - no probs.

“OOO It works.” followed by “but I only want the case.” Was my time out re getting it cleaned and working a total waste of time? NO! It proved a point and my nephew was suitably reminded of the fact that whatever system you buy or build you should remember to keep it CLEAR of dust as much as you can AND CLEAN your system on a regular basis. I do this to our systems every 6 months.

In the end we stripped out the entire insides and after salvaging what was worth keeping threw out the rest of the unwanted items before thoroughly cleaning the case inside and out. I could see why the full tower case was worth my nephews interest. It was solidly built and more than adequate for his requirements re his build. Which makes another valid point. Why spend over 70 for a case when the one he got cost him nothing? True we did in the end, clean up the outside of the case and have it resprayed but the respray was done by graphics guy who did a beaut of a paint job AND made the case uniquely eye catching.


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