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Lets face it. Keeping music live is what it’s all about?!

I have to admire even today with all the mod cons of technology, the tenacity of most live bands, singers, entertainers. #respect.

Having run a roadshow for two years I know just what it’s like to set up the gear early in the day or evening, test and then it’s live until maybe 1 in the morning. Load the gear back into the van and then set off home - uhh unless you’ve had a few bevvies in which case doss down in the back of the van x number of hours before heading back?

Ah unloading the van early hours of the morning into the lock up; gear stashed.

ZZZ time ! Mid morning unlock the lock up and it hits you straight in the nostrils; the smell of stale beer et and in those days ah yes! the stench of CIGARETTES !

Oh good times, out in all weathers, snow, blizzards, rain, sleet; freezing your butts off for whatever revenue you could prise out of the customers hands and I mean quite often PRISE with them having that look of ‘I’m being robbed’ on their faces. We even had one guy set off the fire alarms to try and get out of paying !!

Punch ups, bar room brawls and showdown at the OK corral, well good as ! In those days it was NOT plastic beer or drinks glasses, it was GLASS and if deliberately smashed you could get as we termed it ‘glassed’ as it was shoved towards, usually your face.

If you think that was a males pitch you’d be wrong, the number of times I witnessed drunk and loud females slogging it out, punch ups, drunken brawls and worse left nothing to the imagination.

Great entertainers, musicians, comedians and more trekked their way through the clubs in the north and across the country. The starting point for many a great artiste, or the downfall and lets forget about that as a career.

The sad thing about some of those artistes is how bi polar or depression can easily lead to serious problems when it comes especially to live performances. Add to that the dream of being a top chart artiste and you’re headed to hell with the devil smirking in the wings.

These days it’s borderline glorified Karaoke as singers use ‘pitch correction’ software to hide their inability to sing in tune and give the impression live that they’re perfect whereas turn off the pitch correction and everyone is headed out the door.

DJ’s and their showcases have taken over a lot of the live spots, beit pubs, clubs; or out in some field / showground they’re dominating the live music scene. Which means bands and singers are often touting a lost cause as fewer venues want them of if they do; at a knock down price.

To me, it’s a sad epoch to something that should never be allowed to die. Over the decades we’ve lost brass bands as a good example along with orchestras and yes there are still some kicking around but let’s be honest about this, when you start losing them, you also start to lose MUSICIANS cos the kids don’t want to learn to play a real instrument.

Synths, yes they do everything from brass to woodwind to pianos to to ... therein lies another sad truth, that the new generation seldom gets to appreciate what learning and PLAYING a real instrument is all about.

Future wise I don’t see much hope re bands, orchestras and similar.

If you think about how much training, discipline and more goes into becoming a professional musician throw in some extra moves and as shown by this lot and believe me they are addictive to watch ! I have come to smile and maybe throw in the occasional sigh but so much #respect for them.

Kyoto Tachibana https://youtu.be/UdTK3s6e7dM?list=RD7B0A_gwL6zg Japanese band YouTube

Unofficial fan sub webpages = well worth taking a look at with lot of info and vids.



When you see them in action, you realize how much time, effort, determination, talent shows without for some, understanding the true hard work and not just the musicians but all the rest of the planning that goes into showcases, band competitions and more. #respect.


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