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Why Huawei IS a threat to other countries ?

Let’s face it, IF YOU or YOUR vested technology interests /company had invested hard time and in many cases a heck of a lot of blood sweat and sometimes tears, in putting together, updating your technological beit equipment, software, hardware and or similar not forgetting time and energies in promotion, marketing and more; only to have that stolen (intellectual property theft) where the thief pays little or nothing for and probably will produce or incorporate such into their own hardware, software that actively competes with the sale of YOURS AND Iphone

They deliberately undercut by charging less? How would you feel bearing in mind that such piracy can also put thousands of jobs in your company for example, at risk ? Put off investors in you or your company future wise ?

Worse still, the country where your theft is actively encouraged re intellectual property theft - producing such equipment; is one who invests billions in doing everything and anything to subvert based on politics AND let’s not beat around the bush on this; SPYING is a proven trait here!

Those who believe that countries such as Russia, China and similar are not vesting huge sums of money in doing all they can re industrial espionage/ political and or similar and that includes Internet malpractice - hacking and ?! need to get their sensibilities in check.

China has one of the most advanced communications networks in the world. Make no mistake, when China decided it was going to install their telecommunications and that includes internet systems; speed, connectivity and availability to its people IT made sure it was way ahead of the west. wechat

When we were looking at our pixelated grey screens sending text messages or making phone calls, the Chinese people were making video calls, playing games and a heck of a lot more re their basic phone systems? Followed by systems such as wechat and other payment systems where Chinese citizens can order, pay and a lot more BUT at the same time are constantly monitored re the state?

China has now introduced its Citizen CREDIT scoring system. Step outside of that by being criminal and or similar OR having a LOW STATE credit score and your ability to step outside of your province is denied, as for travel outside of China?

Add to that advanced citizen scanning of their body build, their features (facial recognition and more) allows the STATE to monitor their citizens on a level hitherto unknown AND don’t even mention human rights! Are you kidding!

Which brings me to ask you the reader a simple question. Do you really believe that Huawei has no connection with the Chinest goverment re its business, its capabilities to expand the state interests on an international scale - politically, business, intellectual property theft and hacking? just the tip the iceberg and anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves?!

If it were about mobile phones the issue at the heart of the USA and others banning the use of equipment from Huawei is problematic but can be restricted. BUT this is NOT just about mobile phones; its about SERVERS and other far more advanced equipment, software to use that equipment that allows access to sensitive information et Oh yes not forgetting hacking, spying, INTELLECTUAL property theft and so much more that puts YOUR countries security, the safety of AND I’m talking economic / political rights under threat. SriLankaRefinery

Spending billions on so called international loans to underdeveloped countries (belt and road strategy) allows them to wait until the loan repayments can’t be met? Then China steps in and takes over the investment i.e how about a Sri Lanka transit refinery port built and financed by the Chinese now under lease by them after Sri Lanka defaulted on payments?

Being China’s debtor is far from an enviable position, and many fear that indiscriminate lending by China for white elephant projects in weak economies is a powerful strategy of economic and political control. LINK

NOTE the loan for building such a massive site you might think was a good investment for the local economy? (The Chinese state would insist of course from the off that that is their intentions and the rest of the world WILL accept that as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth but uhh, well not quite; Chinese immigrant workers to build it, run key parts of it AND of course eventually take over all of its profits, allow China another foothold within the asian continent?

What I’ve tried to illustrate is based upon the old adage. If it barks like a dog, it wags its tail like a dog; it looks like a dog? Its a cat?

Doing trade with China is a nightmare. YET the Chinese state expects such issues its creates should not be a western copy of its at times farcical, prohibitive and bordering on abuse of its power, to restrict if not directly or indirectly block reciprocal trade. The west is not stupid. Its known for decades that China’s interests are vested in what it can get from and for its benefit, anything else is a bonus such as hacking, spying, intellectual property theft and ?!

Where Huawei built its business was China. Where it got its finance from was controlled by Chinese state laws, regulations and CONTROL. To deny that it has no vested interests other than good intentions at its core is questioning western sanity to the point they must think any level headed westerner lacks any sense let alone morality, interest in protecting their intellectual property, their creativity, their time and research, monies spent AND work force that does not comprise Chinese immigrant workers put there by the Chinese state as an extension of their illicit interests.

When you buy an Huawei product ask yourself WHERE they got their tech and how they arrived at the development of such tech, products and THEFT? The price you pay and who gets the monies from the sale of their product? Remembering that China has a proven record for theft of intellectual property beit hardware, software and more!  ChristianRaid

What other countries have realized and some waking up to, is the Chinese STATE MNINDSET! Its people have no say in ORDERS issued from the peoples party / committee re what is, will be AND ! That spills over into how the Chinese state behave when it comes to its global concerns let alone how it behaves re its own people?!
Picture shows a raid carried out against Christian worshippers LINK

The answer when it comes to that methinks you’ll acept that they are gulity of a lot of misdemeanors; are definitely not to be trusted without a strong element of suspicion re how their products can be used for i.e bolstering the Chinese STATE with its massive trade restrictions, its bordering on illegal practices re foreign trade et Its proven track record re hacking, spying, industrial espionage and theft of intellectual property.

What countries who insist on importing such tech from China have to do is to ensure the strictest of controls re the products, services, software et from the Chinese State AND at the same time to punish their theft et by imposing a TAX on ALL imported goods, ALL services and i.e software devices ANYTHING that is from China that is TECH related where its origins are give rise to suspicions regarding its ‘heritage’.

It cannot nor can it be permitted in any way shape or form to undercut a countries own provision of such products, services, software et UNLESS such does not already exist AND any such provision has STRICT controls in place NOT dictated to by the Chinese State AND such controls under the control of the countries own persons. Why the Chinese love 5g LINK

Chinese state has made the advancement of, the control of,  5G networking to be its priority. When I say control I mean on a global scale. It wants domination of the 5G networks for and I emphasize this with a warning that they cannot be allowed such dictatorial ambitions without strict controls to protect the interests, securities and more re the countries concerned. Where state and military interests of the said countries are concerned the use of such HAS to be denied! DO remember that that applies to ALL indirect as well as direct access re those.

It will provide CHEAP equipment, software, put controls, personnel where they can in place to give them unwarranted access to systems, controls, information on a global scale that will allow them astronomical data mining re who you are, where you are, who you work for, what you earn, are you of interest to them, can your company et be hacked, can they thieve invaluable data on products, development and so much more ALL as said; on a GLOBAL scale. 

What is terrifying is when this applies to military and similar activities including manipulation for political benefits re the Chinese state of countries on a global scale.
All data transfer of sensitive information, orders, instructions, concerns that a country are directly or indirectly being exposed to the Chinese state? LINK

Which leaves me to conclude by reminding readers of one of the most clear cut examples re the Chinese state and its policies on a global scale - ah yes; the story of the TROJAN HORSE, Link

As for cheap and cheeful Xiaomi?

China state Xiaomi operates on a vertically-integrated model that enables the company to sell hardware at cost or below in order to attract users and earn money by selling content
(That content of course is aimed at being of benefit to China /state.) NOTE that of course it bypasses the known researched, developed and undermines the intellectual property rights of the original ANDROID creators by using its own

‘The company's version of the Android operating system.’

 Recently Xiaomi started to sell more simple goods such as sunglasses, caps, pillows, glass lunchboxes, cups, filters, bags, backpacks, luggages, screwdrivers, umbrellas and etc. LINK

(Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics manufacturer, headquartered in Shenzhen. Ren Zhengfei, a former military engineer in the People's Liberation Army, founded Huawei in 1987) Of course the Chinese STATE peoples party has no say in its business, its control or makes money from, apart from, other illicit activities? !!

The USA and other countries are right to not only impose trade restrictions re China and its global rampage BUT to protect their own industries et its WORKERS AND to prevent undercutting let alone all of its other more sinister, in the shadows, illicit activities.

All content, opinion expressed on this page is my own, not that of any third party iinterests, advertised or product placements. No responsibility is accepted for any data re accuracy, re content via links as shown on this page. Jess Corbin.


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