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Technics M245X Exposed. (Cont.)


The Cassette subframe removed. Front view. Rear view. Capstan assembly. Belts.

a) SMALL BELT flywheel with belt attached.  b) Plastic capstan stabiliser.  c) LARGE BELT GROOVE on capstan. 

d) LARGE BELT released. Note the WIDTH. e) Don’t loose the tiny spacer ! f) SMALL BELT Flywheel 

LOWER LEFT pic REAR ASSEMBLY showing three screws to be removed. Don’t forget the underside of the chassis beneath the Cassette SUBFRAME..




To get at the belts you have to remove a sub assembly with the main motor. Removing the screws shown and the metal plate will allow you to do this. Once removed, gently prise the metal sub frame from the main chassis. It will lift up and split to allow you to remove it and place it safely on the work surface. Put it the same way up as you removed it !


Once you’ve removed the subframe you can remove the Capstan, it slides out of its assembly and releases the main belt. THE THICKER BELT. I found the nearest replacement is similar to a DENON unit belt. The SMALLER BELT was no real problem, but was stretched, by well over a fifth of its original size. This is nothing uncommon in a unit of this age.

Most problems such as slipping of the cassette and the tape getting tangled or remaining loose is usually an indicator the belts have gone !

Regardless of how UNSKILLED or SKILLED YOU are - I will NOT be in any way shape or form be held responsible for anyone following my repairs ! YOU do so at your OWN RISK!
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