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I was in a music store - shock, horror, gasp lol, when I overheard some lads discussing synthesizers. The gist of the conversation was centred on all those knobs and the letters such as LFO ? What’s LFO?

Of course I grew up in the era of the amazing transistor / micro chip when digital electronics came into its age.

Here I am not just talking about the term digital electronics but the actual backdrop to what makes up all of its elements. Square wave, sine wave, sawtooth waves and so on including of course oscillation, pitch, timbre and how it affects the audio signal and and.

Thus when the age of synths brought the cost of equipment that allowed you to adapt and use such in your music production to a level where it was ‘affordable’ to buy even if you saved up for months and threw in birthday money and not forgetting it’s the season to be jolly moments - prices were still compared to today and what you get for your money scenario; expensive.

Of course the synth evolved from it’s ANALOG to DIGITAL as time progressed, so to use the term digital is not indicative of being unique to synths BUT virtually ALL synths employ elements of digital tech even to the transistor era.mini_preproduction_1970_1

Where DIGITAL synths ARE unique? Well check out this 3 part intro to synths featuring Dean Friedman. YES it was posted in 2012 but as you will discover when it comes to understanding synthesis - some elements remain CONSTANT, in other words an apple is an apple even if it’s variety, it’s size, it’s color changes? it is still an APPLE? Get my drift?

The pic > shows an early MOOG mini preproduction 1970’s unit.

Here are the links - grab yourself a drink, some bites settle back and enjoy!
Do allow yourself an hour ! time well spent if you really want to end up with a much clearer understanding of how synths work but also a better understanding of SOUND and that applies to ANY keyboard, to any audio equipment where SOUND exists.
These are not HD but still watchable and as said - give a very good intro to synths et

Intro to Synthesis
Part 1 - The Building Blocks of Sound & Synthesis ...


Intro to Synthesis
Part 2 - Types of Synthesis & Programming ...
Video for intro to synthesis▶ 59:37

Intro to Synthesis
Part 3 - Additional Synth Features, Performance ..
Video for intro to synthesis▶ 1:00:06
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK3m8sMkTE4 NovationUltraNovaSynth

To learn more about synthesis be sure to visit
for daily posts on everything synth ...

Modern synths come in all shapes, sizes and types from small to 80 plus keys !
Shown on the right is the  Novation UltraNova Synth


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